Tedy Treats Family

Meet the paws behind Tedy Treats


Lindsey Stanfill

Founder and Head Baker

Lindsey started Tedy Treats as an alternative to store bought treats. Each Tedy Treat recipe is created, tested, packaged and shipped by Lindsey with lots of LOVE! Lindsey lives in Memphis, TN and is a full time dog mom to Brady and her angel Tedy.


Official Treat Tester

Brady is the official treat taste tester for Tedy Treats. Each recipe is vetted, tasted and approved by Brady! Brady lives with her mom and dad in Memphis, TN.


Assistant Treat Tester

Trot is the newest member of the Tedy Treats Family! Trot tests each recipe to make sure it is delicious! Trot lives with his mom, Lindsey and loves his big sister Brady!



Tedy Treats Assistant 

Nora loves helping her Aunt Lee Lee (Lindsey) make Tedy Treats! She will also help taste a few treats! She is the cutest assistant and loves wearing her Tedy Treats apron! Nora lives in Nashville with her mom and dad. She also loves ice cream, watching Blippi and her Susu and PawPaw's boat. She is a great big sister to her fur sibling Ella.